Fermented Garlic


Quick and simple post today! I discovered i had an abundance of garlic cloves and no idea what to do with them. Knowing me if i put them into the veggie drawer they would sink into mouldy garlic heaven. So with this whole of idea of wild fermenting (and a spare jar) I decided to add them to the wild fermentation family!


Now i won’t lie, peeling so many cloves of garlic is not a fun job. I did this during Miss A’s nap, so i could sit on the lounge with an episode of Law and Order SVU while doing this mindless task. I peeled approx 30 cloves of garlic. (Can anyone say stinky hands?)

After popping all my lovely peeled cloves in the jar I then queezed a generous slurp (is that a measurement?) of organic honey, and then topped with apple cider vinegar. Pop the top on and shake well (but gently) to combine.  Now the jar of garlic needs to be “burped” every day for the first couple of days just to release any pressure from the vinegar, but after this leave the garlic for 1 – 2 weeks ( the warmer the weather the faster the fermentation process).

WARNING : It is VERY common for the garlic to turn a blueish green color during the fermenting phase! DO NOT PANIC! It is not mold, it happens naturally when the garlic oxidizes from the vinegar. It looks kind of freaky and sometimes disappears.


Now when your garlic is ready just chop and add into your favourite dishes.. I have also heard that eating a whole clove will help with any cold flu symptoms (yet to test this theory though!)


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