The Apple Cider Experiment

So, I know i am not the only one who loves a good cider. I discovered flavoured apple cider through a work collegue and enjoyed all the fruity goodness! But then i seem to forget about good old cider.. it wasn’t until Matt brought some and raved about how awesome it was than i tried it.. and fell in love with it all over again. So much so its pretty much all we drank when on holidays at Surfers in November last year.

So what does this have to do with wild fermentation you ask?  During my research of fermented drinks i came across a quick recipe for cider.. and without having to use a press! Score! So thought i would give it a go!

Ok so i don’t have a juicer.. nor was i going to buy one just to juice up some apples for this experiment. So I cheated and bought some juice. And some organic apples for the wild yeasts on the skins. There are 2L of juice in this jar and 2 apples. I added about a cup of sugar to the juice and mixed until dissolved. Don’t get hung up about the amount of sugar as you can always add more later on. Then added the chopped apples on top. Pop a cloth over the top, secure with a rubber band and leave in a warm place to ferment for about a week. I’ll keep you posted with this one!

**UPDATE** 27th February 2016 – have now bottled the cider and after a day one of the bottles developed mould on the top so i threw that out. The other bottle is doing well and we expect to taste next week!


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