Hey, I’m Kellie. I am a wife, a mother to a beautiful 3 year old girl, and work a full time shift work job.

I discovered natural or wild fermentation after an experiment with Kombucha and was hungry to learn more. So after hanging out on pinterest a little too much i have a list of all the awesome things i would liek to try with this wild and wacky process. So after posting some experiments online i had people asking me questions and for recipes of things i have tried and with that this blog was born .

So here is a record of my triumphs, and fails (in a positive way of course) through wild fermentation and living a more natural, healthy lifestyle. Expect to see lots of awesome “organic” (ie homegrown) posts and experiments in saving money by DIY your own products and produce.

If there is anything you would liek me to try out for you (love being a guinea pig!) either let me know here or shoot me an email wildandfreemumma@hotmail.com


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